Burst Pipe Closes Nathan Hale School in New London for the Week

The Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School in New London will be closed through the rest of the week after sustaining water damage from a burst pipeline on Thursday.

A letter to families of students on Tuesday from Interim Superintendent Stephen Tracy says breaks in the water system serving the school’s heating system affected several classrooms, hallways and other spaces.

The principal is confident the school will reopen on Monday. 

The pipeline burst happened sometime last week and left inches of water on the floor. Tracy said at least thirteen classrooms, a number of technology rooms, offices and hallways were drenched.

Tracy said it is necessary to close the school for contractors to restore affected areas, repair the system and remove damaged furniture, carpets and books. 

An outdoor vent with a flap works to draw fresh air into the heating system froze due to the cold temperatures. The flap being frozen open lead to freezing air to enter the building and eventually breaking the steam lines, Tracy said. 

The school held a meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in the Nathan Hale cafeteria to provide the latest information on the condition of the school. School officials said insurance will cover damages after a $100,000 deductible is paid. 

The approximately 550 students that attend Nathan Hale are expected to be back in school. Since students are required to be in school for 180 days, Tracy said the district will need to find a way for students to make up the days lost because of the burst pipeline. 

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