Bus Driver Shortage Affecting Several School Bus Routes in Shelton

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Parents of children on certain school bus routes in Shelton are being asked to bring their children to school and to pick them up because of a shortage of bus drivers and the impact on some bus routes.

Dr. Beth Smith, the interim superintendent of schools in Shelton, said Shelton Student Transportation Services notified her Tuesday morning that they have a shortage of bus drivers.

Five are quarantining due to possible COVID-19 exposure, she said, and school officials believe 13 drivers in all are out, including five who are on leave and some who called out sick.

Sgt. 1st Class David Flint surprised his daughter, a kindergartener at a school in Vernon, after being deployed for the past eight months.

Five bus runs at the high school, one at Perry Hill Elementary School and one at Mohegan Elementary School are affected.

Another bus, bus 4, is also out of service.

Parents of Shelton High School students were told that all company managers are filling in as drivers and there were still four buses uncovered for Shelton High School.

Parents of students on Buses 18, 6 and 41 are asked to drive their children to school through Friday and pick them up in the afternoon. 

They are also asking parents of students on bus 54 to drive their children to school and pick them up Tuesday. 

Children on Buses 18, 6, 41 and 54 whose parents are unable to drive them to school may participate in distance learning on the days there is no transportation provided by having parents call the school's office, according to the superintendent.

As long as parents call the office and notify them that their child will be distance learning due to lack of transportation, no absence will be recorded.

Similar messages went out to Perry Hill and Mohegan.

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