Businesses Grateful for Warm, Sunny Weather

Morgan Kearns has been looking forward to a special outdoor luncheon with her two young daughters.

“It’s so nice for them to be able to get their energy out and just be outside in the fresh air instead of being cooped up,” said Kearns, “because it was a long winter.”

It was not only a long winter for Kearns and other patrons but also for some weather-dependent businesses. As one landscaper explained, green grass means more green in their pockets.

‘It helps a lot because when it’s always raining we end up skipping lawns and we can’t do a lot of them because it’s way too wet,” said Chris Cope of Meriden. “It’s A lot busier. A lot more profitable now.”

Sunny skies and a terrific weekend forecast is reason to party, especially if you’re in the party business.

“When we have nicer weather, people like to party more,” said Tom Ryan of Edgewood Party Rentals.

Edgewood Party Rentals is a party supplier and for them business has just hit peak season.

“Early in the spring it was not as busy. Not as many parties because of the damp weather. But business now is crazy busy,” Ryan said.

The same could be said for patio dining. Like the temperature itself business has begun to heat up, unlike the spring.

“Early spring and the winter with all that bad weather, it was kind of sad,” said Sammy Bajrakparevic..

Bajrakparevic owns Luce, a popular Middletown restaurant with outdoor seating, seating he says accounts for 30 percent of his business during summer months. With blues skies ahead, his business forecast appears much better than April.

“When it’s nice on the outside, everybody’s festive. Everybody’s feeling good. Everybody wants to come out,” Bajrakparevic explained.

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