Businesses Hurt by Blizzard

sanitation truck blizzard
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The blizzard hurt businesses across the State of Connecticut.  Many had to close for several days, and on Tuesday night, many were still blocked by the snow.
Giant snow banks in West Hartford had become more than just an inconvenience. "Our on street parking has been virtually non existent," said Jose Rene Martinez.  He owns J. Rene Coffee Roasters and depends on that parking along the street for his customers. 

The snow covered up every single spot. "It was such a downpour, everyones been struggling with where to put the excess snow,' Martinez added.  He said customers weren't coming in as a result. "It’s been an adjustment," Martinez said.
Business started to pick up across town at Bridgewater Chocolate on Lasalle Road now that street parking opened up. "It has been crazy we were closed Friday to Sunday," said manager Sarah Hill.  She said the place was swamped on Tuesday, and it almost made up for thousands of dollars in lost sales. "It's been like Christmas time it’s been insane," she added.
In New Britain workers at Weber’s Nursery Inc. made up for lost time. "We are backed up."  Vases came in today that came in last Friday," said owner Dorine Carroll. On Tuesday night she scrambled to make dozens of Valentine's day arrangements.  She couldn't get here for days because of the snow. "Very busy…swamped," Carroll explained. 

Her next challenge would be delivering the gifts on snow packed streets.  She worried some might not make it. "We’re calling to ask them has your road been plowed," she said.  Like many others, she needed the snow to melt soon. "The weather definitely needs to cooperate," Carroll said.

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