Mansion Stays Closed for Two More Weeks

No one is going to be partying at The Mansion nightclub because Hartford cops seem to be spending as much time there as they do at the police station.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell Jr. suspended the liquor permit for the nightclub at 191 Ann Uccello St. in Hartford about two weeks ago. The reason? Safety issues. And it will remain closed until the suspension is rescinded, which will be at least another two weeks.

Between June 1, 2008 and June 6, 2009, police have visited the club 269 times, Farrell said. None of the visits were for social reasons.

“My decision to summarily suspend the nightclub’s liquor permit is based on a Hartford Police Department report indicating that in the early morning hours of June 6th, a fight and subsequent shooting took place on the dance floor of The Mansion, a local business establishment with a liquor permit which we regulate,” said Farrell who, as Commissioner of Consumer Protection, is the Chairman of the state Liquor Control Commission.

“We find that the shooting within a permit premises regulated by the Department of Consumer Protection imperils public safety and demonstrates the need for better control of the premises by the permittee, backer or agents,” Farrell wrote in the suspension order.

So, now the investigation continues. The DCP will work with the management of The Mansion, local police and fire authorities to come up with a plan to quell the gunshots so that patrons and employees can hang without ducking for cover. Club owners said they have to come up with a plan to increased security.

“I am confident that this “cooling-off” period will afford all parties the opportunity to create a plan that will be acceptable and afford the police department, fire department, and the community a level of safety and security,” Farrell added.

This is the second time Farrell has issued a summary suspension order for a Connecticut liquor licensed establishment.

On Jan. 6, the liquor permit of Horizon, a Danbury restaurant, was suspended for fire safety violations. 

The Mansion’s liquor permit was suspended for one day earlier this year for alleged violations involving four minors being in a barroom, refilling liquor, and not having food available, all of which are violations of the state Liquor Control Act. These incidents occurred in January 2008.

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