Buy 50 Cent’s House for Almost 50 (Per)Cent Off

50 cent house night shot
Raveis Real Estate

The price of 50 Cent’s house just keeps dropping. It’s not quite 50 (per) Cent off, but he’s now asking $9.9 million – down from $18.5 million he was looking for in 2007. So, that's a 46 percent drop.

William Raveis Real Estate’s Exceptional Properties Division is handling the sale of the 50,000 Farmington estate that 50 has called home, Mike Tyson lived here before Curtis Jackson III, and it’s quite a house.

It has a club, several kitchens, 21 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, a theater, a gym, a racquetball court, a pool – and stripper poles. But, you have to see it for yourself here.

“The home is a perfect getaway from the realities of a demanding career. ...  And for the impatient jetsetter’s longer trips, skip lines at the airport by boarding air transportation from a personal helicopter pad,” Jamie Zdru, Director of William Raveis Real Estate’s Exceptional Properties Division, said in a release published on

The house was in the news last month when two of Jackson's fans broke in to party.  

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