Call for Action at Dangerous Intersection

Residents want a traffic light to prevent more fatal crashes.

another middletown crash_722_406 (2)

Residents who live near South Main Street and Highland Avenue in Middletown are calling for change after a fatal crash and a second collision in two days.

The first crash happened early Sunday morning. Alexander Martinez, 20, of Meriden, died after the car he was in collided with another. Friends set up a memorial at the crash scene to mourn their loss. 

On Monday afternoon, another crash happened in front of that memorial as friends of the victim gathered.

"The driver just came by, looking at the memorial and the kids by it. She was not paying attention and just pulled in front of someone," said Ian Battle who recorded Monday's crash.

People who live nearby said there's no question the intersection is dangerous and say to avoid it at all costs.

"I actually go the long way to work just so I don't have to pull onto South Main from here," Dane Johnson, of Middletown, said.

Johnson said the solution is simple: install a traffic light.

"There needs to be a light. The blinking lights they have there now aren't doing anything. No one pays attention to them. People still speed out as fast as they can to get across the intersection, " Johnson said.

Several residents plan to contact the mayor and make the request later this week. 

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