Buzz Kill Hotline Opens

If whippersnappers are partying it up, you can bust them with a phone number

By dialing a few numbers, you can deliver the ultimate buzz kill for underage drinkers. Ledyard has created the total opposite of a 24-hour party line – the Party Patrol Hotline.

If the kids are getting out of control and hurting your eardrums, you can call this number and leave a message or speak to a live person. You don't have to leave your name.  

The Ledyard Safe Teens Coalition created the hotline to prevent underage drinking in town and to educate adults about the legal ramifications of hosting underage drinking parties.

In Connecticut, it is illegal to host a party where minors consume alcohol. Anyone under 21 years of age is prohibited from possessing alcohol on public or private property.

To bust a party, call 860-464-7233. This also could be a way for people who were snubbed from the invite list to get back at the underage hosts. 

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