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Rally Calls for Peace in New Haven

It comes during a surge of violence in the city, including two murders earlier this week.

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Amid hope for change in New Haven on Thursday, there were many at a rally who are still hurting.

“I’ve been crying constantly, haven’t gotten any sleep. It’s just hard for me,” said Howard Lewis.

Lewis and his 11 other brothers and sisters are mourning the loss of their father.

Police say the elder Howard Lewis was shot and killed outside a home on Munson Street on Tuesday.

 “He done like bad things. But he was also a great father. He was a great father for all of us. He didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve to die like that,” said Lewis.

Hours after Lewis’ death another man was shot and killed in New Haven.

That night police also investigated two other shootings which left two men hurt.

“I just want people to know in New Haven that this violence has to stop,” said Hessan Lewis.

That call was echoed by dozens who gathered at Goffe Street Park on Thursday.

“We want to see change. We believe, I believe the change we want to see has to start in our community and in our people,” said Jill Marks, (D) a New Haven alder.

Many believe the uptick in violence is due in part to the current difficult times, with many out of work and the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Mayor Justin Elicker says protests and events such as this one are just a start.

“If we’re really going to do something different we don’t just have to show up but we actually have to change the way we live,” said Mayor Elicker.

The mayor says a big part is money and making sure it’s invested in communities of color, such as with youth programs, schools and housing.

Things he says will help lift people out of poverty.

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