Camera Found in Walmart Dressing Room

Customers of the Wallingford store are concerned

Wallingford Police are investigating after a camerwas discovered a inside a dressing room at the Walmart Supercenter at 844 North Colony Street.

Police on Tuesday would not say if the camera was found in the women's or the men's dressing room. Either way, customers are concerned.

“I think that is invading your privacy. I mean would you want someone looking at you if you take your clothes off?” said Gail Sharpe.

According to investigators, a picture taken from the camera shows a person handling the device. They are trying to determine who that person is.

“This is completely inappropriate and unacceptable to us and to our customers,” said Ashley Hardie, a spokesperson for Walmart.

Hardie said no one's privacy was compromised, and that the staff will be monitoring the dressing rooms for anything unusual.

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