School Bus Cameras Watch Out for Drivers in Wolcott

Video can be sent to police, who will decide whether to issue fines.

school bus camera

Officials in Wolcott are unveiling cameras on school buses that automatically take video of any car that passes a school bus while it’s stopped and the stop arm is extended.

Smart Bus Live makes the cameras, which allow live recordings to be transmitted to "vid cops," who monitor the video and can create an evidence file with the high-resolution video that shows the vehicle passing the bus.

They will forward the video to law enforcement officials, who will decide whether or not to issue a $450 fine to the driver.

Part of the money from the fines will go to the town. The rest will go to Smart Bus because the town is part of a pilot program and getting cameras for free.

Cameras will be installed on about 30 percent of the town's buses, most of which travel on the busiest roads.

Several other towns have equipped buses with the cameras.

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