Camp No Limits Inspires and Empowers Young People With Limb Differences

The Fitzpatrick family is just one of dozens of families that have come to Camp No Limits this year, a nonprofit camp that caters specifically to children with limb loss.

Peter Fitzpatrick is happy to see the positive impact the camp is having on his son, Ryan, as well as the rest of his family

“It’s great for Ryan to be with others who have limb differences,” said Fitzpatrick, “It really has empowered Ryan and even us as a family. 

A physical therapist started the camp in Maine back in 2004 and for the past three years the camp has been at Quinnipiac University. Students like Emily Ampel have the opportunity to organize and run the camp.

“It’s so amazing to see these kids just get to be themselves in an environment that’s safe and supportive and loving, “ said Ampel, “These kids in my eyes are superheroes. There’s no challenge that they can’t overcome.”

Campgoers like Ryan get to participate in sports that they traditionally would not be able to participate in. Ryan favorites at the camp include basketball and sled hockey.

And it’s not just the kids that feel empowered.  The entire family is inspired to see how much the kids grow throughout their time at the camp.

“He’s capable of anything and this camp reinforces that, that they are really capable of anything. It’s been a great experience.” said Peter Fitzpatrick.

28 kids and their families have come to the camp this year in Connecticut. This camp is just one of 10 other Camp No Limits across the country.

This Friday night there will be a free sled hockey game at the TD Bank Sports Center that is open for the public to attend.

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