Judge Tells Woman to Give Back Engagement Ring

She did not like the $5,000 ring, so he got her a $12,000 one


She lost her fiancee, now a court in Bridgeport decided a woman has to give back her engagement ring, too.

A Superior Court judge on Wednesday decided that a Bethel man should get back the $12,000 ring he gave to his girlfriend, reports the Connecticut Post.

"After thoroughly reviewing the law on this subject, the court aligned itself with the more modern view that, regardless of fault, the engagement ring should be returned to the donor," Judge John Kavanewsky said, according to The Post.

Charles Miller, of Bethel, and Nicolette Chiaia met at work in 2007. In November 2008, Miller flew Chiaia to Italy to propose and gave her a $5,000 ring.

"She took one look at the ring and told (me) she didn't like it and took it off her finger," Miller's lawyer told The Post.

Miller bought Chiaia a $12,000 ring and financial difficulties later caused problems between the couple.

During their court dispute over the ring, Chaia argued that the ring was a Christmas gift because he gave it to her a few days before the holiday.

The judge, however, sided with Miller but said Chiaia could keep the couple's Tupperware, mattresses, daybed and rocking chair.

Miller will likely sell the ring.

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