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Candidates for 5th District Debate

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The three candidates for the state’s 5th Congressional District took part in an online debate hosted by the League of Women Voters on Monday.

Despite it being virtual there were some fireworks.

“If you want to know how Jahana Hayes is voting just go to Nancy Pelosi dot-com,” said David X. Sullivan, the Republican candidate for Congress.

Hayes has been recently recovering from COVID-19.

Rep. Jahana Hayes talked with NBC Connecticut about how she is doing after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I have opponents who couldn’t even put partisanship aside, tweeted at me over 100 times, but couldn’t get the characters to say get well,” said Hayes.  

They faced off against independent Bruce Walczak.

“I have heard a fair amount of partisan bickering this evening,” said Walczak.

Hayes is looking to return to Washington for a second term.

“I unify people. I bring people together and build things up,” said Hayes.

Sullivan was a federal prosecutor for decades before deciding to run for political office.

“I said at that time it was a campaign against Jahana Hayes but it was a war against socialism. I’ve amended that. It’s also a war against Marxism,” said Sullivan.

Walczak is a businessman and has served on the police commission in Newtown.

“I would say that climate to be a particularly challenging issue for our nation and the world today,” said Walczak.

While there were sharp differences when it comes to taxes, policing and health care, there was agreement on one issue involving the pandemic.

All were against a national mask mandate.

“But what I do agree is that it starts at the top and our leaders need to model by example,” said Hayes.

“We need more guidance based on science from the federal government,” said Walczak.

“Until we have a vaccine we need to recognize those most at risk and those with preexisting conditions,” said Sullivan.

Several more virtual events for the 5th district race are planned for later this month.

That includes a candidate forum hosted by the Jewish Federation next Wednesday.

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