Candidates for Mayor of New London Face Off in Primary Election

The two candidates for mayor of New London came face to face at one of the city's three polling places on primary day, each confident he would gain enough votes to win Wednesday's election.

They agreed that turnout by New London Democrats was a bit ahead of the city's pace in 2011, when Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio became the first mayor to actually run the modern city government.

Since then, Finizio has had a confrontational relationship with his now-challenger, City Council President Mike Passero.

"Our first attempt at elected mayor hasn't worked out so well in a lot of people's eyes, and I'm prepared to show the city of New London and state of Connecticut how it's done," Passero said.

Finizio invoked Ronald Reagan as he defended his record.

"In every category, we are better off than we were four years ago, and we need to continue that process and not go back to the policies of the past," he said.

He said 2,000 votes may be the total turnout, and it's just a matter of getting his voters to the polls.

"This primary could decide the future of the city for the next four years so if you haven't voted yet, get out and vote," said Finizio.

Passero was also confident he'd have enough support at the ballot box to take the primary.

"This is the democratic process. It's the second election for a mayor in the city of New London... in 100 years, and if you miss this opportunity, you have to wait another four years so let's get out here," he said.

Polls are open until 8 p.m.

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