Candidates Make Final Pitches to Voters in Middletown

The battle to become the next mayor of Middletown could be one of the races to watch on Tuesday.

It’s anyone’s guess without any polling who will win and then lead at City Hall.

“I think where we again are moving in the right direction in many, many respects but have a lot of work to do,” said Ben Florsheim, Democratic Candidate for Middletown Mayor.

Florsheim is facing off against Republican Seb Giuliano.

“I love this city. This has been by home,” said Giuliano.

Giuliano, who served three terms as mayor, believes there hasn’t been enough growth in the city and long-term planning.

He’s an attorney and currently serves at the minority leader of the Middletown Common Council.

“Virtually everything I hear is we need you back. We need you back. You know how to run the city. You know what you’re doing. This kid doesn’t know anything,” said Giuliano.

Giuliano raises questions about his opponent’s experience and commitment to Middletown.

Florsheim moved here nine years ago to attend Wesleyan University and after graduation, he did community outreach for Senator Chris Murphy.

“I think the experience I bring to the table from my work all over the state with different local governments and here in Middletown is well suited to the current moment we face,” said Florsheim.

Florsheim believes that background could help with pressing issues.

He thinks voters are more focused on concerns such as education rather than what he calls negative attacks aimed at him from the other side.

Giuliano tells us his campaign brought up legitimate issues.

Soon it will be up to the voters.

“We’ve done everything we can right now,” said Giuliano.

“We’re feeling confidence heading into Tuesday,” said Florsheim.

There is also a write-in candidate, Valeka Clarke. She’s a local democratic activist.

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