‘Cannabis' Energy Drinks Raises Concerns for Parents

Cannabis Energy Drink is on sale right now in Connecticut and raising some eyebrows in Enfield.

The Mobile on King Street is displaying a bright green Cannabis Energy Drink can sign at the station and some say it is the first they have ever seen or heard of the product.

“I didn’t even know there was a Cannabis Energy Drink,” Jamie Burnside of Enfield said.

According to its website Cannabis Energy Drink contains hemp seed extract, caffeine, taurine and a “bunch of B vitamins.” It does not contain THC and causes no narcotics effect.

Kyle Norris has tried the drink before and agrees.

“It doesn't give any effects or anything like that it is just an energy drink,” said Norris.

Despite his assessment, Norris says he isn’t sold on the idea of his own daughter drinking it.

“You don't want 7 to 12 year olds running around drinking Cannabis (saying) ‘try this man',’’ Norris said.

While Burnside believe the word Cannabis is a now a “common place” word, but says she would still want to look into the product.

“If my kids were younger I would definitely dig in and found out what it’s all about,” she said.

The Cannabis Energy Drink website tries to clear up any questions people might have. It reads:

The confusion (and concern) can be attributed to the fact that hemp seeds/oil is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant which is linked to marihuana. Marihuana contains large amounts of THC. The amounts of THC in hemp seeds and oil are so small they can be considered non-measurable.

The product is 100 percent legal, but parents are not completely sold.

“Promote if you need to, but I think it's the parent’s choice to watch what they give their children,” Norris said.

NBC Connecticut has reached out to Cannabis Energy Drink headquarted in the Netherlands.

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