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Canton High School Gets Creative With Graduation

Students and parents watched on big screen in Canton shopping plaza while students were honored and given diplomas.

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All across the state, high schools have been forced to reinvent graduation ceremonies.

That creativity continues; this time in Canton. On Friday night, teachers and students found a way to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2020 class.

In a socially distant yet, festive way, the graduation started in the school parking lot.

“You know, this is a whole new experience,” said graduate Drew Ferrone, as he looked over his shoulder into a lot filling with his classmates. “You know, we’re not used to a graduation like this.”

With all the fan fare of a traditional graduation and then some, this class of 113 graduates made it a full night of celebration; one that brought them together for the first time since March.

“It’s great. I’ve missed my friends so much,” said Lauren Eschenbrenner. “Because you’re used to seeing them every day, five days a week.”

Making the evening’s festivities more special, these graduates got not one but two parades. Once their teachers finished circling them, the class of 2020 had its own procession.

A line of cars filled with graduates and their families stretched, bumper to bumper from the high school to a nearby shopping plaza.

This was anything other than what these grads envisioned as freshmen four years ago.

“It’s obviously very different. I mean, I imagined like being down on that field with like everyone,” said Anna Miller.

Instead of a football field, they assembled in a parking lot. Watching from cars, on a big screen, as speeches were given, graduate names were called and diplomas were distributed.

“It’s like one of the best feelings in the world,” said Asley DeLuco.

With horns honking, cars decorated this drive-in theatre type commencement was one to be remembered.

“It’s definitely different but, I find it almost more special in a way,” said Carter Gavin. “it’s definitely something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”

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