Ex-Hartford School Administrator's Lawyer Speaks Out

Ousted Hartford Schools administrator Eduardo Genao made his first court appearance on Wednesday, since being charged with one count of risk of injury to a minor.

The arrest stems from allegations Genao was sending sexually explicit text messages to a 13-year-old girl from New York State. The two met at a Board of Education seminar in Hartford, last month. The Troubleshooters tried talking to Genao outside the courthouse. He did not have a comment for NBC Connecticut.

He is represented by New Haven based Attorney, Hugh Keefe.

Troubleshooter Jill Konopka asked, “Can we ask if Mr. Genao has anything to say, to the allegations against you?

Attorney Hugh Keefe: “Thanks for the offer, but, He doesn’t.”

Keefe added, the entire experience has been rough for his client.

“He’s doing awful, like anybody would be doing in this situation. He lost his job. He was a highly reputed educator for many years in the city of Hartford and the city of New York and this is obviously a very traumatic experience for him,” Attorney Keefe told NBC Connecticut.

Hartford Police say Genao was sending sexually explicit texts to a 13-year-old girl in late March, and early April, including from an educational conference paid for by tax dollars in Atlanta.

The child’s mother spoke to NBC Connecticut shortly after the allegations were made public, “As in have you ever had sex? She said no.”

The arrest warrant states Genao sent the child partially nude photos, but nothing showing his private areas.

Troubleshooter Jill Konopka stated, “These are very serious allegations? Attorney Hugh Keefe responded, “It is a very serious allegation. And, I remind you, he is presumed innocent and we’ll take it from there.”

Dr. Aaron Lewis, a friend of the alleged victim's family, brought the allegations to light.

He attended court as well. NBC Connecticut asked Dr. Lewis how the teenager is doing.

Dr. Lewis responded, “She’s doing well, ah, still a little bit cloudy about the entire situation, but keeping her going and moving forward. Genao, he’s not as much an issue to me as the system that supports it/encourages it. Festers it and helps it to grow.”

Two other women who have worked for Hartford schools tell the troubleshooters they received questionable text messages from Genao also. One woman says she’s dealt with them for years.

NBC Connecticut concealed the one woman’s identity, since she is still working in the district, “If it was a phone call, then it would go to inappropriate things. If it was a text, then it would go to what are you doing? What are you wearing? Can I see? Can you send me a picture? Do you want to see what I’m doing? What I’m wearing? Do you want to see where I am?

Troubleshooter Jill Konopka asked, “Are there other victims out there? We’ve had people reach out to us, alleged victims, excuse me. Atty. Hugh Keefe responded, “You’re kidding right? Jill Konopka stated, “not at all. Keefe added, “Anything else?”

Wednesday’s case was continued to May 25th, to give prosecutors time to decide whether it will be transferred to part A.

Genao remains free on bond.

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