Connecticut Sees First Flu Cases of the Season

The state Department of Public Health says there are some cases of flu popping up already.

“Even though we don’t see a lot of flu cases in September, there are flu cases that do occur at this point in time,” said Mick Bolduc, the state epidemiologist.

The Department of Health begins tracking cases of the flu in early October.

“Each flu season is different,” Bolduc said. “Last year was a bad flu season. We don’t know what’s going to happen this year.”

Last year, he says, 150 people died from the flu in Connecticut, including three children.

At Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, they’re preparing for the worst of it.

“We’re going to be monitoring people coming in, both staff and visitors for respiratory illness. If they are sick, we asked them to wear a mask,” said Dr. Nicholas Bennett at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Bennett said they are already vaccinating some patients, and the Flu Mist nasal spray is back this year.

“There is a preferential recommendation to get the shot this year as opposed to the Flu Mist, and I think that is because of concerns about effective the Flu Mist has been compared to the shot,” he said.

He says the flu vaccine is recommended for anyone older than six months.

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