Parishioners React After Archdiocese of Hartford Names Priests Accused of Sex Abuse

On Tuesday the Archdiocese of Hartford released the names of the clergy who have been the objects of legal settlements or who were credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor from 1953 until present.

The impact of the explosive report released by the Archdiocese of Hartford Tuesday continues to be felt as parishioners come to terms with the implications of the sexual abuse scandal in Connecticut.

NBC Connecticut spoke to parishioners who said while the revelation was upsetting, they are relieved the abuse has come to light as they maintain their faith in the church.

“It’s just nice to see that the church is taking responsibility,” said Terrie Brosmith, a parishioner at St. Patrick-St. Anthony Church in Hartford. “It’s kind of starting to restore my faith in the church. I had been disappointed in how the church had been handling it.”

The Archdiocese admitted that since 1953, nearly 50 clergy members were credibly accused of sexually assaulting minors.

Brosmith, who attends mass every day, said her faith has not faltered.

“I think a lot of it depends upon the parish that you’re in, and I’m St. Patrick-St. Anthony. I find that the parish is very warm and welcoming.”

She said she has raised her son within the church as well.

“My son is 16, and we did grow up in this church and I’ve been very involved in the children’s programs, so I have been very well aware of how they operate the programs.”

The Archdiocese said over the years it has settled 142 claims involving 32 priests around the state, paying out a total of $50.6 million.

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