Caught In the App!

After the second time someone broke into Peter Cooperman’s Norwalk home, he’d had enough. He wasn’t going to be robbed again, so he used his iPhone to set up a home surveillance video.

On Oct. 6, it paid off.

"I kind of wanted a way to monitor the house while we were away," Cooperman said.

Because of the Logitech Alert system , Cooperman caught a 17-year-old, red-handed, police said.

Cooperman set up cameras around his house. When they sense motion, they start recording and stream live video to Cooperman's iPhone.

"I kind of had the video streaming, and I was glancing down as I was driving home, and saw someone running across the front of my yard,” Cooperman said. “At that point, I was only a couple of miles away. I called 911 and basically raced to get home and saw the suspect running across the street, so I made it here in enough time."

Cooperman kept the burglar occupied until police arrived.

"Without the video with the camera, we would have known the alarm went off, but if we saw him around the corner, we would not have evidence against him," Cooperman said.

The teen accused of breaking into Cooperman’s home is a Norwalk resident. Police did not want to release his name because he is a youthful offender.

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