Puerto Rico Earthquakes

CCSU Club Cancels Puerto Rico Trip Over Earthquake Concerns

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No water or electricity for two days. That’s what Central Connecticut State University President Dr. Zulma R. Turo said she experienced while visiting family in Puerto Rico last week.

 The island has experienced multiple earthquakes since December 28, the strongest of which came Tuesday, a 6.4 magnitude quake the leveled homes a created widespread power outages.

“The main concern now is the lack of power and the uncertainty associated with when they will be able to get power back,” said Toro. “There’s no idea.”

At CCSU, the Political Science Club was set to leave for Puerto Rico morning to attend a political science conference in San Juan. Instead, Toro advised them not to go and the students agreed.

“Obviously it would be really dangerous to go there right now considering there are so many earthquakes happening every day,” said CCSU student Angela Fortuna of Fairfield.

Looking ahead, the Political Science Club said they are already identifying a new conference to attend this spring, potentially Los Angeles in April.

“We’re going to think about the next thing,” said CCSU Political Science Club President Kristina DeVivo. “We’re going to think about the next conference and really focus on helping in Puerto Rico and giving our thoughts and prayers to them.”

The immediate priority is finding ways to help the people of Puerto Rico.

“Whatever we can do to help them,” said DeVivo, explaining they are planning a meeting soon. “No decisions as of right now but we’ll do something.”

As for the school itself, Toro said she is having meetings internally to see how the CCSU Foundation can contribute to relief efforts.

“As an institution I think we need to start thinking, what can be done to help the people of Puerto Rico,” she said.

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