CCSU Students Use CTfastrak to Avoid Drinking and Driving

It’s been five weeks since CTfastrak got up and running, and students at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain are using it as a creative way to avoid drinking and driving.

"II have a few friends here who take the Fastrak and it’s affordable," said junior Albi Schifino.

Students say it gives them a way to hit the bars and come back home safely.

"It’s a $1.50 – get a ride, it’s safe. If you’re going to go out with your friends it’s a good way to stay safe and not get behind the wheel," Schifino explained.

Transit administrator Michael Sanders is calling the situation a win-win for CTfastrak.

"It wasn’t necessarily the vision on the mission for making this route that we’d be saving lives," said Sanders.

Sanders said that in the last 5 weeks, CTfastrak has given 150,000 rides, and every $1.50 represents one less person driving – sober or not.

"Certainly, one of the core values and mission of the department of transportation is safety, whether it's safety and accident avoidance on the highways, or safety because we take trips off the highways and put it on transits," said Sanders.

The last ride ends at 12:45 a.m. but students said if it went later, they would still take the bus as long as it provided a safe ride home.

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