CCSU to Launch Safety App for First Day of Classes

When students head back to Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), they’ll notice a new safety measure can be added right to their phones.

CCSU Police are testing out the LiveSafe app, which allows students and staff to share information with CCSU's police if they see any suspicious activity.

The app is set to go live on on the first day of classes, Aug. 29.

The app is free in the app store. A student or staff member can select the tip type they want to submit to CCSU Police, such as an accident, any suspicious activity or a medical issue. After, the user can enter the more detailed information, like a description of the incident. 

"It is the blue light phone in your hand. You can press a button, text a message, send it to our dispatch center. You can take pictures, videos and do it anonymously or even add your phone number and name and we can get back to you for more information," CCSU Police Sgt. Jerry Erwin said.

The app can also act as a personal escort by sending a location to whoever the user wants and the person can watch where the user is walking.

It’s a feature CCSU student Antonia Newman said she would use.

"That might be a little more better than just calling my friend," Newman said.

Even parents, like Amalia Teixeira, can use it. She lives in New Jersey and can track her son, a CCSU student, if he requests her to do that through the app.

"I like the fact that you can open up the app and kind of watch him walk where he’s supposed to be just in case because you never know what happens," she said.

Some believe the app wouldn’t be useful to them.

"I don’t think I would use it because I’m always around people and I don’t really feel like I’m at trouble," CCSU student, Terrell Huff, said. 

CCSU police said it’s just another resource they can use to keep students safe.

Currently, CCSU has armed police officers, About a thousand cameras scattered across campus and emergency call boxes.

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