Estranged Celebs Leave Paparazzi in the Lurch

Estranged celebrity couple Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour duped the media Monday and didn't show up at divorce court.

Paparazzi staked out the Stamford Superior Court all day waiting for a glimpse of the former Victoria's Secret model and the newsprint billionaire to no avail, Greenwich Time reports.

The couple was scheduled to appear to argue several motions on their recently filed divorce -- mostly on papers filed by Seymour, 39, who's asking for exclusive use of their Greenwich mansion, custody of their three children and alimony payments, among other things.

The couple married in 1995 and Seymour filed for divorce on March 24, citing that their 14-year marriage had "broken down irretrievably." It apparently has broken down to the point where Brant changed the locks, forcing Seymour to bunk with the maid.

The motions filed in court show the bitter feelings inside the marriage, as Brant is asking a judge to order Seymour to undergo drug and alcohol testing and Seymour is asking that Brant be tossed out from their home because of his "threatening" behavior, Greenwich Time reports.

"November Rain"

"The defendant (Brant) has engaged in a pattern of hostile, threatening and intimidating behavior that has negatively impacted the children and the plaintiff (Seymour)," court papers state, according to Greenwich Time. "Wherefore, the plaintiff requests that the court enter an order compelling the defendant to vacate the premises and (prohibit) him from re-entering during the pendency of this action."

Seymour was one of the biggest models of the 1990s, and once dated Axl Rose.

Brant reportedly made his fortune with the White Birch Paper Co., which operates six pulp and paper mills, collects art and owns thoroughbred racehorses. He was married before meeting Seymour and has five children from that relationship.

He’s served time for tax evasion in 1990. Court records show the a request for extended discovery time was made on May 6. Nothing further is scheduled at this point. 

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