Sugar Daddy Case Gets Celeb Defense Team

An Ohio couple charged with extorting $100,000 from an unidentified Greenwich “sugar daddy” they met through an online dating site, will use a high-profile father-son legal team from Connecticut to mount their defense, according to Greenwich Time.

Dawn Jessop met the unidentified wealthy Greenwich man, who is in his 50s, through, a site that caters to older, wealthy men, according to Greenwich Time.

The homepage of the site makes pretty clear what "seeking arrangements" is all about, in case it wasn’t clear from the site's main image.  It features an older man holding $100 bills and a younger woman holding her index finger up to her mouth, as in “shh, it’s a secret."

After communicating with the Greenwich man, Jessop got gifts and money, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Then, Dawn and her husband, Christopher Jessop, threatened to send out e-mails, chats and photos unless the wealthy Greenwich-ite doled out $100,000, the Journal reports. He did, police said.

Now, the Jessops are getting some heavy-hitting defense to battle the allegations that they extorted money from the man.

Mickey Sherman, who represented Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel during his murder trial, and his son, Mark Sherman, who is representing the defendant charged with killing Greenwich real estate mogul Andrew Kissel, have taken the case.

The case goes to Superior Court in Stamford on April 23.  

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