Cellphone Tracker Helps Police Find Stolen Car, Suspect

AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale

West Haven police tracked a cell phone in a vehicle stolen at a gas station to find it and arrest the car thief, police said.

Jose Flecha, 45, of New Haven, is facing multiple charges including larceny and engaging police in a pursuit.

Police responded at about 11:10 a.m. Friday  to the Shell gas station at 444 Sawmill Road after receiving a report that a vehicle was stolen. Flecha stole a Dodge Durango with the keys in the ignition and took off southbound on Interstate 95.

But the owner had left his cell phone in the car, so police could track the car's every move using an app tracking the phone's location.

West Haven police caught up with the suspect in the area of Boston Post Road and Campbell Avenue, deploying "stop sticks" to deflate the tires, police said. The driver kept going through with police hot on his tail onto Columbus Avenue in New Haven, stopping by Columbus auto body and ditching the car as he fled police. Officers chased after him on foot and apprehended him.

Police identified him as Flecha and arrested him. They charged him with larceny, engaging officers in a pursuit, interfering with police and multiple motor vehicle charges.

Officers held him on a bond.

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