Chancellor Carter to Retire Next Month

The Connecticut State University System is in need of a new chancellor. 

After 45 years as a professional educator, Dr. David Carter says he's ready to retire. 

He came under some fire last year over the controversial dismissal of Southern Connecticut State University President Cheryl Norton, CT News Junkie reported

Originally,Carter said he would retire no later than Sept, 1, but he's now moved that up to March 1. 

“I could not then have anticipated that my health, and my increasing desire to spend more time enjoying my grandchildren, would hasten that timetable," he said in a letter sent to the CSUS board. "Please know that taking leave of this work is even more difficult than I had anticipated, and were circumstances otherwise, I surely would have continued.”

Over the course of his tenure, Carter became the first African-American president of a four-year institution, when he took the helm of Eastern Connecticut State University in 1988, where he served for 18 years before becoming chancellor. 

State Senator Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, chairman of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, thanked Carter for his decades of service. Still, she said the move doesn't come as a complete surprise. 

“Obviously there were some mistakes made last year by Dr. Carter and others – the higher salaries they paid themselves, and Connecticut taxpayers picking up the tab for two enormous, simultaneous salaries for two presidents at Southern Connecticut State University," she said.

There's no word on who might replace Carter. 

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