Changes Coming For Cardio Express Gym Members

Planet Fitness has taken over Cardio Express, which means there could be some changes in store for your membership.

At the former Cardio Express in East Hartford, a Planet Fitness banner was also posted on the building, which the attention of gym member Marselito Cortez.

“Very disappointed, because they actually took out the spin class and everything,” said Marselito Cortez.

Cortez showed up at the location and was surprised to see the change.

“I signed up for the whole year. But because they actually did the transfer, I can actually cancel my membership,” said Cortez.

Cortez said he told management that he wanted to discontinue his membership and not have his personal information transferred to Planet Fitness.

“It’s not the same gym to me,” said Cortez.

Planet Fitness released a statement announcing that it acquired the Connecticut-based Cardio Express which took over all of it’s eight locations in the state. Out of the eight, the four locations in East Hartford, Manchester, Southington and Vernon will be switched over to Planet Fitness within the next six months.

According to the company, the employees of the remaining four locations will be transferred to nearby Planet Fitness locations.

Court records reveal that Cardio Express fell behind on its lease payments at one of its undisclosed locations. The bank filed a motion to withdraw its case last Thursday.

We asked the company what does the move mean for Cardio Express gym members?

A Planet Fitness spokesperson said:

“Our membership rates are very comparable in price to what Cardio Express had offered, and the clubs will be updated with exciting new Planet Fitness services and amenities that they didn't previously have, such as Free Fitness Training with a Certified Fitness Trainer with every membership, massage chairs, hydro-massage, and a thirty minute training circuit.” said Matt Wilcox, SVP of Marketing, ECP-PF Holdings Group Inc.

As for Marselito Cortez, he hasn’t decided whether or not to sign up for a new gym membership somewhere else.

“I'm just finishing my month and that's it. So, when I finish my month I don't actually know where I'm going to,” said Cortez.

We reached out to Cardio Express for comment, but have yet to hear back. The Department of Consumer Protection says if a health club gets purchased by another business, consumers should be able to cancel or continue their memberships. If consumers want to cancel and can’t reach the business or get the issue resolved, they should file a complaint with the DCP.

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