Charges Filed Against Waterbury Pit Bull Owners

The dogs attacked an 88-year-old woman last month.

Waterbury police have filed charges against the owners of two dogs that attacked and 88-year-old woman last month.

Lina Poidomani was taking out the garbage at her home on Wilkenda Avenue March 20 when the pit bulls somehow escaped from their cage next door and went after her.

"They bit her to the bone. They tore the flesh off her," said Paul Poidomani, the victim's son, a day after the attack. "They bit her to pieces."

Police credited a neighbor for saving Lina Poidomani's life. The man witnessed the attack, drove his car to Poidomani's home, and blasted the horn until the dogs backed off.

Officers who arrived at the scene shot and killed the dogs because they were so aggressive, according to police.

An investigation completed Thursday found the cage holding the dogs was insufficient because of a gap in the fence that allowed the animals to escape, police said. Both dogs were properly vaccinated and both tested negative for rabies. The pit bulls were also not properly licensed, according to police.

The dogs owners, Jose Colon, 25, and Robert Harrison, 26, were charged Thursday with failure to license, roaming and nuisance. The charges carry fines totaling $242, according to police.

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