Charter Boat Companies Wary of Effects of Hermine

Uncertain weather has charter boat companies on high alert for the next few days as they watch for what Hermine will do next.

Captain Pete Wheeler has been operating a charter fishing boat company in Old Saybrook, Sea Sprite Sport fishing, since 1980.

For this busy Labor Day weekend, he’s completely booked with two trips a day, but the possible impact from Hermine could dampen business.

“The biggest problem is the timing we don’t know,” Said Wheeler.

That’s why he’s tracking the movement of the storm and hoping it does not impact his trips going from the Connecticut River to the Long Island Sound.

“When we come down in the morning I look at the buoys I’ll know what the weather is I’ll know what the sea conditions are,” Said Wheeler.

He said the weather buoys will give him a better idea of if he has to cancel a trip.

“What they do is give them sea conditions, the wind direction, the wave heights, the frequency whether they’re two second apart, five seconds apart,” Wheeler said.

So far, he has not had any cancellations, but worried customers have called in.

He said he will let them know 24 hours in advance if the trip is cancelled.

Wheeler’s first mate, Joseph Fragomeni said it’s all about keeping the customers and yourself collected -- and keeping safety in mind first.

“You have to be cool and calm yourself… you know you get into situations sometimes where It does get a little rough out there and everybody gets nervous… you just have to keep a cool lid on it,” Said Fragomeni,.

There is one positive – Wheeler said fishing is good whenever there’s an impending storm.

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