Check Your Air Conditioning Unit for These Red Flags

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High heat and humidity can be taxing on a home’s air conditioning unit.

That is why Aiello Home Services was doing preventative maintenance at a home in Simsbury Thursday morning. They methodically checked through the units and cleaned out the filters. Having clean filters is key to keeping your unit running efficiently, according to Shawn Foley, a field supervisor for Aiello.

Foley also recommends homeowners keep grass cut short and clear out any other vegetation around the outside units.

“I find a lot of vegetation around the unit and what that does is suffocate the unit, just like a dirty air filter. It will stop the unit from running properly or it’ll still work but make it run a lot,” Foley said.

On really hot days, Foley also recommends homeowners set the temperature on their thermostat and leave it.

“If you shut the system down often or even if you turn the thermostat down on really hot days or really humid days, it takes a lot for the system to catch up and be able to cool off the home. That’s a lot of complaints we get,” said Foley.

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