Chemical Spill Causes Concern Near Reservoir

A truck carrying fluoride leaked at the MDC facility in West Hartford.

MDC Spill_fixed
NBC Connecticut

A truck carrying fluoride to the Metropolitan District Commission facility in West Hartford began leaking, causing concern Thursday morning.

MDC workers immediately called emergency crews to the facility at 1425 Farmington Avenue to contain the fluoride. The MDC reservoirs in West Hartford supply drinking water to much of the area.

There was no danger to the public, but it was unclear how much of the 4,500 gallons of fluoride had leaked. The remaining fluoride was being offloaded into the storage tanks where it was originally meant to be placed. Firefighters asked workers to stay out of the building where the leak occurred until the offloading process was completed, officials said.

There were no evacuations and no injuries, according to the MDC.

Fluoride in its concentrated form in the truck can be corrosive on contact, officials said.

The spill posed no threat to the drinking water, according to the MDC.

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