Cheney Tech Vs. Quinebaug Valley Moved Up Due to Cold

Temperatures were below freezing Thursday, but they will be even colder Friday night, so at least one school has changed its football schedule because of it. 

The administration at Howell Cheney Technical High School in Manchester decided to move Friday night’s football game against Quinebaug Valley Coop from Friday to Thursday night. 

“It’s a little unusual. Normally it has to be lightning or a blizzard to stop a football game,” said Joe Asermelly, the football coach for Quinebaug Valley Coop. 

Asermelly said the decision was up to the staff at Cheney since the game is at their field, but his team lost a day of practice. 

“Football coaches, we love practice, we love repetition. We love feeling confident in our players’ ability and memory of what to do in certain situations. So hopefully it’s late enough in the season that they’re prepared enough for most all situations,” said Asermelly. 

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