Cheshire Business ‘Take Back Your Power' Aims To Help Kids Build Social Skills

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have had to pivot to virtual learning which is causing some of them to miss out on key skills.

Camille Boyd is a speech pathologist who created Take Back Your Power to help kids and teens build their social communication skills.

"Being able to speak up for yourself, self-advocate, and communicate clearly and well," said Boyd. "It might be autism or learning disabilities whatever it is that impacts a child's ability to access fully-expressing themselves."

Camille Boyd is the mastermind behind Take Back Your Power. She prides herself on helping students develop their communication skills.

Boyd developed the business after noticing a need for kids and teenagers to learn how to speak up.

"When they went out for jobs when they had problems at home like 'I really wanted to let me do this,' you know teenagers, increasing their independence that they were not able to use their communication skills in the same way in functional activities," said Boyd.

Take Back Your Power also develops Kindness Learning Communities inside of day and after-school programs which help students develop their communication skills and decrease bullying.

Take Back Your Power emphasizes the importance of kindness in order to develop communication skills.

"Building up egos and instilling confidence, it starts from the ground up," said Christine Minihan, one of the grandparents who has two grandchildren who benefit from the organization. "It's an opportunity to teach them about the realities of life and how we need to change the world."

This year, the organization created a Teen Summit which is an outlet for teens to express themselves after the racial reckoning around the country. Minihan said it's something that benefited her grandchildren.

Camille Boyd created the 'Be Kind Not Mean' book. Several students who work with Ms. Boyd contributed drawings and their words to the book.

"It taught my children about the importance of how to get along in the world, presentation, and the need to be self-confident," said Minihan.

Boyd works with those who have autism or special needs and tries to incorporate parents into the learning equation.

"We do allow the parents to empower their kids gently," said Boyd. "Parents help their children to take back their power, communicate inside the house, and fostering and practicing friendships."

Boyd mentions that her foundation of kindness is what's allow her to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders.

"It's very important to receive and to express kindness," said Boyd. "It creates communication and comfortable feelings so that people can be their best."

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