Cheshire Looking at Ways to Combat Car Break-Ins

It’s a headache that’s been happening all across the state - people waking up to find someone’s gone rummaging through their car. The town of Cheshire is saying enough’s enough, and they want something done.

Police report that crooks have swiped items from 114 cars in Cheshire in about the last six months. In most cases, the cars were unlocked.

A security camera captured potential thieves at work in Cheshire recently. Scenes like this have been playing out all over town as suspects try to swipe valuables from cars.

“It seems like an epidemic lately. Our daughter lives in Wallingford. It’s happening there. It’s happened everywhere. I am concerned about it,” said resident John Stoltenhoff.

Neighbors packed a meeting Wednesday night to discuss the issue.

“There was a lot of concern in town in what we’ve seen as a spike in the number of car break-in’s and also stolen cars,” said Cheshire Police Chief Neil Dryfe.

Police laid out the facts; the number of car crimes since January and where they happen. But the hard reality is there is little pattern to it.

“We’re trying to be as visible as possible,” Dryfe said.

Police have upped patrols during overnight hours when cars are more likely to be hit. Officers believe the surveillance videos prove most thieves can be simply deterred.

“The number one thing that the community can do to help us and help themselves is lock their cars at night,” Dryfe said.

Some think it’s also time to think about toughening the punishment for those who are caught.

“There’s very little law that can solve the problem. So there’s no consequences for people who come in,” said Cheshire Town Councilor Sylvia Nichols (R).

Police tell us based on arrests it appears those responsible are groups of young people from out-of-town, and very rarely will they force their way into a car.

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