Cheshire Man Finds Out Bobcat Was Eating His Chicken

A Cheshire man was shocked when he found out a bobcat had eaten one of his chickens. 

"I was attempting to catch a raccoon," George Fletcher Jr. said. "To my surprise, a bobcat ended up being the culprit."

Fletcher, who lives on Plank Road, set up a trap cage to catch the presumed raccoon that ate one of his chickens.

But, to Fletcher's surprised, he walked out to find a bobcat in his cage. 

"I didn't want to open the cage!" Fletcher said.

A conservation officer from the state's Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) came to the house and told Fletcher they don't relocate the animals, so they just let it go. 

"It was a beautiful animal," Fletcher said. "Even if it ate a chicken."

Fletcher said he has reinforced his chickens' cage. 

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