Cheshire Parents Concerned Over School Laptop Program

Some Cheshire parents have growing concerns about a pilot program which gives students laptops and software to accomplish their school work. While some parents say the program is beneficial, others believe it poses a danger to privacy.

"On Summit, we have content and focus areas," said student Karla Carangelo.

Carangelo is in sixth grade and goes to Norton School in Cheshire.

She and other students are now using a learning program called Summit. Summit is online education tool installed on assigned Google Chromebooks.

"On our focus areas we have to pass our content assessment," said Carangelo.

The program has some parents concerned. Concerns which include the programs student privacy policy and laptops that be used inappropriately.

"I think there have been some issues on what the program is about and what's happening at school," said Nancy Carangelo.

Nancy is Carangelo's mom. She's aware of the issues some other parents have. She's also aware of the meetings the school has held to inform parents about the program, and an email sent out to parents explaining the concerns are what the superintendent calls "myths."

Myths he says include that Summit shares student data with advertisers, and the myth that "the Cheshire Schools are using Summit as a strategy to replace teachers."

"I've gone on it and haven't seen anything inappropriate, I check," said Nancy.

Despite the emails and the meetings the concerns remain.

So the school will be holding another meeting to field questions November 6th at the Humminston Building.

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