Cheshire Woman Gets Stuck Between Buildings in Providence

A URI student from Cheshire needed some help from police, the fire department and a rescue team after she became wedged between two buildings in Providence early Friday morning, according to police.

Police came to the aid of Courtney Malloy, 22, around 12:45 a.m. when they heard screams for help on a city street near Brown University. She appeared to be intoxicated and was wedged in a narrow alley between two buildings, unable to free herself, according to the police report.

Police said Malloy was unable to explain how she became trapped in an ally.

According to the Providence Journal, the space was only 8-inches wide and Malloy apparently tried to cut through the tiny opening.

The alley was blocked by a wooden fence and police knew they would not be able to get to Malloy. They called in the fire department and firefighters rook down the fence, but they were not able to free her.

One of the buildings houses City Sports and firefighters went through the store and began to break a hole in the back of the wall. It was at this point that Malloy began to work herself free. With help from a firefighter, she was able to get free. She was transported to Rhode island Hospital. Police said they offered to contact someone for Malloy but she refused. 


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