Chester Residents Fight Shooting Range

Some Chester residents are up in arms over a shooting range in their neighborhood. They say they want a new law to make it stop, but opponents say that's not going to happen.

Town leaders and dozens of residents attended an informational meeting Tuesday night to discuss a petition handed to the Board of Selectman requesting an ordinance prohibiting the firing of guns inside the town with the exception of hunting.
It all centers around nine acres of property on Wig Hill Road the owners use as a gun range.
"There are children in my neighborhood. I don't want them shot. It's not a safe situation," said Sally Ratchford who is for the ordinance.
"It's obvious they want to take away rights. They want to tell me I can't go shoot in my shooting range now," said Paul Radicchi who is against the ordinance.
Those in support of an ordinance say they're not against guns but that it's an issue of public safety and common sense. They add that the sound of gunfire is upsetting and disturbing when it's so close to where they live.
Those against the ordinance say the owners are being very safe and that it's their property so their right.
"These guys are following the law," said Radicchi. "They don't like the sound of guns? What can you do? I don't like the sound of chainsaws. Maybe I don't like the sounds of Route 9. I live with it."
First Selectman Ed Meehan says the owners have been shooting on the land for more than 20 years without incident and that the area is heavily wooded and significantly lower than surrounding homes.
When asked if he believes what the property owner is doing is safe, Meehan said yes.
Town leaders say they're going to reflect on what was said at the meeting, do some more research, and then report back if they do or do not believe an ordinance is appropriate.
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