7-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Pool at Home in Plainfield

Plainfield police are investigating the death of a 7-year-old girl found in a pool Wednesday afternoon.

Police and medical crews were called to 86 Glebas Road around 1:30 p.m.

Neighbors said they could hear that something was wrong.

"A scream, the mother scream. Then, a lot of commotion, then the emergency vehicles came. It's just sad," Teresa Smith said.

“Next thing I know the ambulance pulled up, the rescue, and they had the little girl on the table,” says Diana Smith.

Police say seven-year-old Isabella Costanzo was rushed to Backus Hospital in Plainfield where she was pronounced dead.

“I feel terrible,” says Bob Smith.

There was an emotional scene as people gathered outside the home.

In a press release, police say it appears that Isabella had been playing in her room, wandered outside, and later her mother found her in the pool.

“I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine,” says Diana Smith. “I feel so bad. Anybody losing a child.”

Police say the pool had an unsecured ladder that led from the ground to the pool.

Officers say town regulations require pools to have an audible alarm and a self-latching/self-closing gate.

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