Chilly Weather Coming This Week

We have had a wonderful fall weather-wise, but winter is right around the corner.

We’ve had sunny, warm days and cool, crisp nights.

The foliage is nearly perfect, with bright hues of orange, yellow and reds. 

For most, it’s been an ideal fall for enjoying a wonderful time of year, but there is another part of autumn that we like to put off as long as possible.

Winter is right around the corner and this week it will start feeling cold and more “winter-like.”


A strong coldfront comes through Connecticut on Tuesday afternoon, bringing a few sprinkles with it, but also ushering in the coldest air of the season!

High temperatures from Wednesday through the weekend will range between 49 and 54 degrees, about 10 degrees below normal.

Just to add insult to injury, a period of rain is possible on Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night. 

The highest hills might see a few wet snowflakes as this precipitation area moves by.

Bundle up!

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