Chinese Restaurant Employee Follows Teens Who Stole Car: Police

Two teens from Norwalk stole a delivery driver’s car after he parked it outside a Chinese restaurant in Westport Saturday night and the employee began following the car thieves in another car, according to police. 

Police said they received a report just after 7:30 p.m. Saturday that the employee had left his car unlocked and running outside the restaurant at 21 Franklin St. so he could run inside and saw two teens get into his car and leave, according to police. 

With help from a coworker, the victim followed in another vehicle, contacted police and gave updates on where the car was and which was it was heading, according to police. 

The last report was that the car got onto Interstate 95 and was heading north. 

A Westport officer caught up to the stolen vehicle about a mile before exit 19 and tried to stop the car, but the driver hit the officer’s patrol vehicle, drove around it and went into the breakdown lane, but couldn’t get away, according to police. 

Police stopped the car and learned that Fairfield police had arrested the two suspects, 17-year-old Norwalk boys, earlier in the day, so Norwalk police released them to Fairfield authorities.

Norwalk police said one of the two teens was on juvenile probation and the other had recently been cleared from his probation.

Both were charged with larceny in the third degree and conspiracy to commit larceny in the third degree.

The teen who was driving was also charged with interfering with an officer.

Both were transferred to the juvenile detention center in Bridgeport.

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