Chiropractor Cuffed in Fatal Assault

A Florida chiropractor has been arrested, charged in connection with the assault that led to the death of a 78-year-old Stamford man who was heading to a poetry club meeting. 

Police in Naples, Fla. arrested Dr. William Lindemann, 47, at his home in Naples Friday. 

Lindemann is accused of assaulting Herbert Davidson, 78, in a Stamford parking lot on Jan. 27. Davidson was in a coma after the attack and died on Sunday of brain injuries, Stamford police said.

Right now, police are charging Lindemann with assault, but they expect to upgrade charges to manslaughter now that Davidson has died.

Davidson, a grandfather, was attacked after parking his in a municipal lot to attend a poetry club meeting at Curley's Diner, his son told the Stamford Advocate.

Police who arrived on the scene initially believed Davidson had slipped on ice, but doctors at Stamford Hospital determined Davidson's injuries were not consistent with a fall. 

A witness came forward to report seeing an altercation involving Davidson and a neatly dressed man.  Police aren't saying what led them to Lindemann.

"The motive is still a mystery," Davison's son told the Stamford Advocate. "An eyewitness heard the tone of what was being said but not the substance of what was being said. My family doesn't know who he is or if he was known to my father. We were thinking it could have been a road rage thing."

Lindemann could be brought to Connecticut as early as Wednesday to face charges.

Lindemann had a house in Greenwich that he was selling, the Stamford Advocate reports, but police don't know why he was in Stamford on the day of the attack.

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