Christmas ‘Caravan of Giving' Rolls Through Manchester

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After a difficult 2020, the focus shifted to the positive on Christmas day in Manchester, where the generosity of others was shining bright even with the dreary weather.

Officers from the Manchester police department along with members from the Blue Angels Foundation and a handful of community volunteers were working together in some rainy weather to drop by about three dozen different homes to deliver gifts to kids who would have otherwise just gone without. 

“That was this is all about; spreading some cheer and joy throughout the season,” said Sgt. Richard Monge with the Manchester police department.

More than eight hundred presents were loaded into police department vehicles on Friday morning and then given out in this annual ‘Caravan of Giving’ event.

“We're just trying to keep joy in the season even though it’s been a crazy year,” said Monge.

The bags full of gifts were all donated by the community and by local businesses.

“It really has become a staple in some families world and they look forward to seeing us every year and we look forward to seeing them,” said Bernie Hallums, CEO of the Blue Angels Foundation.

For parents like Christina Rosetti, this delivery made all the difference in this difficult year.

“It’s awesome,” Rosetti said. “That’s why I love living in Manchester because the police department here is amazing.”

Monge said the preparation for this ‘Caravan of Giving’ spanned many months in order to figure out how to safely gather and then distribute those hundreds of toys to kids in need.

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