Church Helps Mother With Eleven Children

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John Audley

Call it divine intervention or maybe even a God wink.  As for Kristin Bothur and her 11 children, well, they call it a miracle. 

Kristin Bothur says trouble hit the large family right after her husband walked out.  A short time later, her 3 bedroom home in Columbia was in foreclosure and she couldn't find an affordable place for her family to live.

"I didn't want to tell my closest friends because they all thought we were living the perfect life, with the perfect marriage, and perfect children," said Bothur.

A call to Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church in Baltic changed her life.  At the same time she needed help, the church had inherited a home from one of their parishioners.  Turns out, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

"We were just astounded that when we were at our last measure of finding a place to go or being homeless, this house was just virtually given to us," Bothur recalled.

The pastor of Saint Mary's and dozens of volunteers donated their time and money to fix the place up.  Now the entire Bothur family has settled in calling it home.  They rent the house for just $600 a month.  The church picks up the insurance costs and property taxes.  Ask any member of the family and they'll tell you, it was a God send.

"The best investment you could make is in a mother/child relationship and in this case, we hit the jackpot," said Fr. Joseph Tito.

Bothur, however, is quite confident she's the one who hit the jackpot all the way around.

"It has surpassed our hopes and dreams. It has every room we could ever need or want. Its twice the size of the home that was taken from us," said Bothur

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