Cigna To Pull Out from Connecticut Individual Market in 2018

Cigna has announced it is pulling out of the individual market in Connecticut starting in 2018.

A company spokesman confirmed that the company notified individual medical plan holders that their off-exchange individual and family medical PPO plans will be discontinued in 2018. The move will not impact current plans through the end of the 2017 plan year, nor will it affect individual and family dental plans.

The company said they have a small customer base for individual plans in the state, and offering them is not sustainable for their business. It will not affect employer-sponsored plans.

Our decisions are based on where we can provide customers with access to the best combination of affordability, quality, and overall value. In this way, we view each market as a discrete opportunity to test and learn, in order to offer sustainable and affordable health benefits in the communities we serve,” Cigna spokesman Joe Mondy wrote in a statement to NBC Connecticut.

The move comes amid uncertainty about the state of the Affordable Care Act and a possible Republican replacement.

“The decision not to offer plans for 2018 is a difficult one, as we know that it will cause disruption for customers who will have to seek different healthcare coverage options for next year,” Mondy said.

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