City of Waterbury Prepares for Possible Weekend Storm

The salt and sand is piled high and ready to hit the roads when snow falls in Waterbury this weekend.

This weekend could be the largest amount of snow they've seen all winter. Private contractors are also standing by as everyone keeps a close eye on the changing forecast.

"All of our crews are professional drivers. They're prepared to respond whether it's an inch or ten inches of snow or even more than ten inches of snow," said Waterbury DPW Director David Simpson.

"Because it's been such a mild winter here, there hasn't been a lot of wear and tear on any of our vehicles," said Waterbury Chief of Staff Joseph Geary.

Those plow trucks and other pieces of equipment are itching for a ride outside, and some residents say they can't wait to join them by clearing their own path.

"My wife and them bought me a snow blower, and I'm like a kid with a toy. I love to get out in the snow. Every time there's a dusting I'm out there, and the guys tease me about it. So I want to use it at least one time this year," said Horace Pruden of Waterbury.

Others say they quite like the warmer winter weather.

"It's been great actually. So the snow? Not ready for it," said Milly Lopez of Waterbury.

One thing everyone can agree on is that timing is key. A weekend snow forecast means less problems on the roads.

"There will hopefully be less traffic on the road. We won't be dealing with an enormous amount of buses on the road, so it will be better for us to get out and do our jobs," said Simpson.

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