City Rolls Out New Made in New Haven Branding Campaign

Get used to the phrase, “Made in New Haven.”

City officials rolled out a new campaign on Wednesday morning that is designed to promote locally made products.

One of the companies involved is Vespoli USA a factory in New Haven where a team of 40 employees builds world class racing shells by hand.

“We make them like Boeing makes the 787 aircraft, often the way Sikorski makes their helicopters,” CEO Mike Vespoli said.

The company primarily sells its narrow rowing boats to high school teams in the United States, but Vespoli said they are also popular in the international market.

“The Canadian Olympic team will be racing in our boat in the men’s four in Rio and we have 50 international medals to our credit,” he said.

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said the city hopes to attract more businesses to open in the Elm City.

“We have a new innovative culture here that are making things,” she said. “They’re entrepreneurs and we want to highlight that.”

Husband and wife Andrea Corazzini and Kiara Matos took a chance on New Haven five years ago after moving here from Venezuela and opened Whole G Café, a bakery specializing in Northern European breads.

“The reason why is because German breads are healthier,” Corazzini said. “They use lot of grains. They use whole grains and fruits and nuts.”

Matos is a ceramic artist.

“My work stands out basically because of the color palette I use,” she said.

Vespoli says this "Made in New Haven" branding initiative is beneficial for both the city and its business community.

“We’re proud of the fact that we’re made in New Haven,” Vespoli said. “We’re proud of the fact we’re made in the USA.”

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